This specimen appears to be highly intelligent and of the strategic kind. Its levels of toxicity seem particularly high amongst the anomalies. Be careful not to get confused over his strange antics during battle. Approach with caution, eliminate swiftly.

Vincent's D-Bug


Nickname: Vin, V
Age: 21
Birthday: August 30
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5’9”
Hair: Dirty blond
Eyes: Light green
Sanctum: ???
D-Bug: Green
Partner: Mingomon

Personality: Vincent is a highly intelligent boy, with a perfectionist streak and a keen attention to detail. He loves debating over subjects when he believes he’s in the right, and will stubbornly stand for his point of view. He struggles between a desire to fit in and a need to stand out as the best amongst his peers. Very logical and down to earth, Vincent only allows himself to be emotional about his work. Despite his efforts to be adaptable and get along with everyone he meets, he’s very easily offended and quickly grows cold and aggressive.

He has very little tolerance for emotional people or those he deems as ignorant, and has a hard time dealing with stress and frustration.

His main hobby is playing video games of all kinds and he will not miss a chance of showing off his skills as a gamer.

Family: Vincent lives with his parents, who own a big software company, and siblings. He is the oldest of four, all one year apart in age, with James at twenty years old, William at nineteen, and the only girl, Rebecca, at eighteen. Besides their constant competition, the siblings are not close at all.

Background: Being the oldest of four, Vincent grew up pampered and surrounded by praise from adults that admired his intelligence from a young age. His parents purposely set their children against each other to compete on who would be the heir of their company, only fueling Vincent's desire to succeed.

He would grow up to crave praise and recognition above all else, and go as far as necessary to be the best at whatever it was he was doing. This, together with his aggressive tendencies as a child, set him apart from other people his own age, making him become a bit of a loner, relying on work and video-games for company.