This specimen shows itself to be highly emotional and is prone to be very protective of the other anomalies. Low toxicity levels. Eliminate it quickly as to not activate its shielding abilities.


Ruby's D-Bug

Age: 20
Birthday: September 18
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Dark brown
Sanctum: ???
D-Bug: Pink
Partner: Bovimon


Ruby is an introspective and observant person, able to pick up on other people's moods easily. She will be quiet and shy around strangers but act very caring, cheerful and trustful with her friends and family. However, once you break her trust, she has a hard time forgiving. She's very emotional and prone to mood-swings, which will make her act on impulse more often than not.

She's passionate and dedicated to what she loves, but struggles with having confidence in her own abilities. Adding to this, she has a very bad habit of worrying too much and too soon over things, as well as take responsibility for matters that don't even concern her. Despite this, she tries to keep a positive attitude, especially around other people.


Ruby lives together with her parents in a three-story house with a large garden. Her mother works in biomedical engineering and her father is an Arquitect. Her older sister is married and lives nearby, at an apartment over a grocery store. She has a one-year old nephew that she looks after often. Ruby is very close to her family and quite attached to her home.


As a child, Ruby was very outspoken and curious, disregarding any rules that didn’t make sense to her. This often got her in trouble with higher authorities, and her parents had to be called to the school at least once a week for one reason or another. She would usually come home with new bruises everyday, be it from climbing trees or fighting with older boys.

In middle school, she became a target of bullying, which has greatly shaken her self-esteem and made her calm down considerably. She’s still dealing with the consequences of those years and trying to fix them.

Being the youngest of the household, she is gradually trying to become more independent and appear more responsible, so more often than not she won’t ask anyone for help with her problems, unless they’re family.

She’s been passionate for art and literature ever since she could remember, and wants to pursue both as a career.