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Name Origin: Ailuropoda melanoleuca is the scientific name for the giant panda. The "Melano" part specifically translates as "black".
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine
Group: Beast Digimon
Family: Jungle Troopers


Foliage Screen                Melamon buries the bamboo sticks growing from his paws deep in the ground. The bamboo grows and expands out from underground, creating a protective screen around him.

Force Impact                Melamon's front paws glow with purple energy. He swiftly punches the air in front of him, launching the energy out at the adversary.

Meditation                Melamon kneels on the ground, connecting the bamboo sticks in his paws with the earth. His whole body is surrounded by an aura of purple energy and he enters a meditative state. He can use his connection to the earth to absorb its energy and heal himself, or to scout for enemies ahead. To continue in this state, Melamon cannot move.

A peaceful Digimon who dislikes fighting, but will do so out of loyalty to his partner and friends, Melamon is quite calm, patient and friendly. He is very much aware of his cute appearance and uses it to his advantage. He's grown overprotective of Henry and quickly drops his cheery attitude if he feels anyone is threatening him.