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Name Origin: English, "balloon"
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Group: Beast Digimon
Family: Wind Guardians

Bombs Away             Loonmon flies over the enemy, dropping a series of tiny bombs that explode on impact.

Sticky Bomb              Loonmon throws a single, big bomb to the ground or directly at an enemy. The bomb explodes into a slimy, sticky and highly flammable substance.

Toolbox                     Loonmon's paws glow as she reaches into her backpack. She can take out a random item between a big hammer with a pneumatic head, a small electrified rod with the ability to stun, or field rations (this includes "truffle in a can", "canned truffle soup" and "spicy truffle curry"). This ability cannot be used repeatedly.

Loonmon is brash, talkative and extremely stubborn. Like her previous stage, Loonmon remains quite gluttonous. She strives to get along with everyone, and is never one to judge. Always on the run, she tries and fails to be the team's strategist. She is very devoted to Sky and her biggest goal is always to impress him.