The D-Bugs were created from particles of data sent from a distress signal by the Digital World together with the data of electronic devices belonging to each Tamer. As such, they were able to read the Tamers' own data and create an appropriate Digimon, as well as transfer data back and forth to aid in Digivolution.

The D-Bug contains a clock, a Digimon data scanner, a tracking device, data storing and reading program, constant wi-fi, a USB entrance and an overcharge mode which activates the Digital Kick.


Also know as Digivolution. Through a process of data absorption Digimon are able to develop into more powerful beings. The D-Bug accelerates this process and is able to trigger it, though it's still unknown exactly how it works. Based on data collected from observation, it's possible that this is activated by the event of Tamers and Digimon coming into contact with each other during a dangerous or emotional situation.


A surge of data so strong that it creates an impulse capable of breaching the barrier between the Real World and the Digital World and sends the subject back and forth. D-Bugs and electronic devices infected by Digital World data are capable of producing a Digital Kick.


An event of unknown origins that as fallen upon the Digital World. The data of entire areas appears to be deleted by an unknown force. Also, agents of a figure known as "Master" seem to be scouting the world in search of Virus Digimon to be "cleansed". This event may or may not have been the cause of certain Digimon going rabid.