This anomaly is a defensive unit that should be dispatched or separated from the others as quickly as possible. It will appear harmless, but activates nigh-impenetrable shields when approached.

HenryHenry's D-Bug

Age: 20
Birthday: October 31
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sanctum: ???
D-Bug: Purple
Partner: Melamon


Henry is naturally very helpful and polite towards others but not necessarily friendly. He’s an extremely private person who hates prying and can be quite serious around people he doesn’t know very well. It’s rare to see him upset over something, as he’s usually a vision of calm, but if you manage to get under his skin he reveals a rare aggressive and merciless side. This is especially true if someone crosses his friends, since he’s very protective of the people he likes.

He’s analytical and a hard worker, even if he’s very indecisive about what to focus that hard work on. In fact he finds himself being more motivated to help others with their projects than to pursue some of his own. He prefers to let things fix themselves naturally than to do something about them.


Henry's parents travel a lot due to work, so he and his younger brother, David, live with their grandparents in a farm on the outskirts of town, together with a dozen dogs. Henry gets along very well with his brother, regular sibling bickering aside, and is extremely protective of him, to David’s anguish.

Background: Henry grew up in the city, living in an apartment with his family. He got into fights a lot with other kids in the neighborhood, mostly to protect his brother. This gained him quite a reputation, and by his early teenage years, people knew not to mess with him or his family.

When he entered high school, his parents started travelling more and more frequently, eventually leading to Henry and David having to move-in with their grandparents. This delighted Henry, as it meant he could finally have a pet. He quickly got used to life on the farm, and helps out a lot whenever he’s home. The same couldn’t be said for his brother, who misses the city-life, and has to be pushed by Henry to do any work around the house.

He’s still somewhat unsure with what he wants to do with his life. For now he figures he can wing it as he goes along, and it will eventually come to him.