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Name Origin: Various. From “bovine”.
Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Group: Beast Digimon
Family: Nature Spirits

Rock Edges                Bovimon stomps the floor and spreads her arms, summoning forth sharpened rocks that she flings at the opponent.

Dust Knight               Bovimon moves one leg forward, her hoof glowing in a yellow light before stomping down on the ground. The dust and sand from the ground gather around her, covering her whole skin in a thin layer. Despite the weight slowing her down considerably, she becomes more resistant to enemy attacks.

Bovimon is very blunt, and will speak her mind and give her opinion even when not asked for it. She's carefree and optimistic, always trying to make other people laugh and looking after everyone's well-being. She's quick to temper, but you'll only see her truly, viciously angry when someone hurts her partner or her friends.