WARNING! Do not be fooled! While apparently calm, this specimen can become very aggressive and withholds enormous destructive power. Highly dangerous. Approach with caution and eliminate on sight.

Beatrix's D-BugBeatrix

Nickname: Bea
Age: 20
Birthday: November 24
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Sanctum: ???
D-Bug: Red
Partner: Cinismon


Beatrix has a very no-nonsense attitude about things. Her tough and independent exterior, combined with her somewhat cynical view of the world make her seem very unapproachable. She usually keeps her opinions to herself, but can be deadly truthful if prompted.

However, and despite popular opinion on the contrary, she never holds grudges or thinks too much about any arguments she has with other people. At least on her side, Beatrix doesn’t feel like she has any enemies. She doesn’t care enough about disagreements with other people to make any.

Truthfully, and upon knowing her better, she’s a fiercely loyal friend with a mellow and attentive nature, even if sometimes she doesn’t really know how to express it and takes a while to reach that level of trust with someone.


Beatrix's parents divorced when she was younger, leaving her to live with her mother, a beautician, and her younger sister, Hillary. Her father, a big name CEO, moved away, eventually remarried and had another daughter, little Eleanor. Beatrix lives by herself in a tiny rented apartment with a pair of cats for company, but she still stays in touch with her family, especially her mother.


Very calm and quiet ever since she was a child, Beatrix got along better with animals than people, and always had some type of pet during her life. She moved a lot while she was younger, so she learned quickly not to get too attached to material things, or to people, for that matter. She had a hard time maintaining close relationships because of this, even if she gets along very well in social situations.

She was very moody and rebellious during her teenage years, a part of her life she would rather not be mentioned. While oblivious to it, she was sought after by a great number of boys during her life. Perhaps due to said obliviousness, however, she only had one serious relationship in her life.

If it weren’t for her love of Art Restoration and her hate for Math, Beatrix would have been a Veterinarian.