Name: Rita
Age: 22
Location: Oporto, Portugal
Zodiac: Virgo+Serpent
Website: DeviantArt

I’ve been a Digimon fan since 5th grade, my favourite season being Tamers. I’m an avid gamer. I feel wrong if I don’t read even a few book pages per day. I would say I draw and write too much but frankly I don’t think I do it nearly enough. I’m starting my Masters Degree in Cinema and Audio-visual Arts this year. Since it's very work-intensive I probably won’t have that much free time, nor all the time I wanted to dedicate to this project.

I’ve been working on Digimon Sanctum for around two years. I’m responsible for the website, writing, art and, hopefuly in the future, the animation. It’s a lot of work but the project is special to me, so I manage little by little. Since English is not my first language, it’s a bit awkward sometimes for me to write the episodes. If something seems off in the writing, that’s why. Feel free to point out any mistakes I make, I appreciate the help.